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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Why Is Respite Care Beneficial?

If you are the primary caregiver to your senior loved one, then there may have been a point where you felt stressed out and overwhelmed with your responsibilities. As a provider of senior care in Orange County, California, we completely understand your situation. While your loved one needs care, you should remember you need to … Continue reading

Helping Aging Loved Ones Prevent High Blood Pressure

The elderly are at high risk of developing high blood pressure levels. The occasional rise in blood pressure levels is quite natural. However, if the spikes go beyond the normal levels and stay there for longer periods, your aging loved ones’ health may be in danger. In severe cases, they may need expert caregiving in … Continue reading

Why Choose Our Companion Care Services?

As people age and choose to journey through aging at home, they are more prone to the loneliness that can lead to depression. According to research, the number of senior individuals who experience depression is increasing. Here at Lake Forest Home Care, Inc., known Senior care in Orange County, California, it is one of our … Continue reading

senior man and his caregiver smiling