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Helping Aging Loved Ones Prevent High Blood Pressure

Helping Aging Loved Ones Prevent High Blood Pressure

The elderly are at high risk of developing high blood pressure levels. The occasional rise in blood pressure levels is quite natural. However, if the spikes go beyond the normal levels and stay there for longer periods, your aging loved ones’ health may be in danger. In severe cases, they may need expert caregiving in Lake Forest, California.

You can help your senior family members prevent high blood pressure. Here are a few simple suggestions on what you can do.

  • Serve them with healthy meals.

    Of course, diet plays an important role in everyone’s health. Make sure that your aging loved ones are eating a balanced meal every time.

    Also, avoid serving them with foods that are high in sugar, cholesterol, and trans fat as they will only lead to hypertension.

  • Monitor alcohol intake.

    Too much alcohol can cause spikes in blood pressure levels. Be sure that your loved ones are not drinking too much of it.

    A provider of senior care in Orange County, California, can help ensure that your loved ones are limiting their alcohol consumption and drinking plenty of water instead.

  • Don’t stress them out.

    Stress is a risk factor for hypertension. So, don’t be the reason why your loved ones get stressed out. At the same time, make sure they know how to handle stress. You may want to encourage them to do yoga or meditation.

A provider of home care in California will be able to help your aging loved ones with their daily chores at home. Whenever you need help, call Lake Forest Home Care, Inc.

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