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Senior Care: The Dangers of Isolation

Senior Care: The Dangers of Isolation

The natural aging process leads to different changes to a person. Most of these changes pertain to the physical aspect. Older adults experience a decline in almost all of their physical capabilities. These include their mobility, flexibility, and balance. This is why caregiving in California is common for families with senior members.

The physical decline that older adults suffer from also contributes to their isolation. Since they become less mobile, they tend to stay at home. They may be unable to socialize or go to their favorite happy places.

How dangerous is isolation for your senior family members?

  • Safety Risks

    Older adults are very familiar with their homes. Yet, with this familiarity, they also tend to overlook the safety risks that may be present in their homes. They do not often have a fresh perspective on their surroundings.

    Furthermore, completing tasks such as housekeeping may be difficult for them. As a result, there may be clutter on the floor which can also increase their risks of falling.

  • Mental Health Risks

    Isolation makes anyone lonely. Imagine yourself being alone. What would you feel? That is the same feeling that your aging family members are feeling.

    Whenever someone is lonely, there is a risk of developing depression. Depression can affect the mental health of the individual. They manifest in the physical aspect, as well.

  • Failed Responsibilities

    When they are alone, many older adults feel that they do not have to do anything. For instance, they may start neglecting their personal hygiene since no one visits them.

    At times, they may also forget to pay their bills. Such forgetfulness may be an effect of dementia or other medical conditions.

How Home Care Can Help

With these dangers lurking at home, taking advantage of services from providers of senior care in Lake Forest, California makes sense. A caregiver can provide support and help to your aging parents in their own home. At the same time, they will have someone to visit them and talk to them about their needs. This holds true especially if you are not there in person.

Lake Forest Home Care, Inc. can give your senior loved ones the care and support they need. Call us and experience our care.

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